Training Resource Downloads

Agreements, Constitution & Regulations

Constitution and Regulations 2021

IKC Instructor Agreement

Training Information

Training Pathway TFH Consultant and Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner

Case Studies Requirements for meeting training requirements

Forms & Charts

Class List Form for submitting class details to TFHKA for certificates processing and updating TFHKA’s student database

Student Status Card for students to record status of their training

Blank Balance Sheet – option 1 – TFH Consultation PAD
Able to be purchased in pads of 25 balance sheets (2-sided) from TFH shop >

Blank Balance Sheet – option 2

TFH Muscles with Related Symptoms Chart

TFH Teaching Zone

TFH Teaching Zone 2020 November

TFH Teaching Zone 2021 February

TFH Teaching Zone 2021 June

TFH Teaching Zone 2021 August

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