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TFH Training Workshop
2022 – Cambridge

for qualifying as a TFH Instructor

15-19 March, 6-7 April &
11-12 May 2022

TFH Training Workshop 2022 - Cambridge

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TFH Teaching Zone
August 2021

by Colleen Ryan – Trainee Faculty

TFH Teaching Zone August 2021

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18,19,20 February 2022
Vaughan Park, Auckland

The Committee are excited to bring you the confirmed date of the Touch For Health RETREAT.

It’s a spectacular location with sea views and very relaxing. The food is amazing too at an affordable price.

Private single rooms available and more details to come from the committee very soon.

Its vital that we all as therapist take care of ourselves, nurture our well being and exchange our time with each other. Being in each other’s company at this time will be magical and well needed I say!

Investing in yourself, your skills, and your community in this way allows you and our whole community to take another leap forward.

For all enquiries, please email

Touch For Health News

We officially have a new name.

New Zealand Institute of Touch for Health Kinesiology Inc.

Qualifications available:

  • IKC Touch for Health Instructor – 212 credits
  • IKC Touch for Health Certified Consultant – 382 credits
  • Registered Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner – 616 credits

For more information:

Contact the TFH Kinesiology Secretary for all inquiries –


New Committee for

Chairperson  Charlene Sinclair 

Aroha Gould

      Charlene Sinclair
(TFH website shop for charts, books, dvds)

Alex Bowles
                          Diane  Rosenberg
                          Patricia Smith
                          Prue Gordon
IKC Certificate Administrator  Cecilia Ling,

Ex-Oficio       Catherine North
(IKC Faculty)

Book Review

What the ‘Bleep’ is Kinesiology?
A Quantum Journey

An excellent small book to have in your clinic and available for clients to read or purchase.
Explains Kinesiology in clear and simple terms – very easy reading..
Avaialble to Purchase on line $25.00 







By M.Coiro, T.Matahari, P. Challis & A. Schuter.
Kinesiology, and the way it is practiced today. East meets West-Kinesiology
forms a bridge between the 5,000 year old, energy-based Eastern medical
practices of Asia and the recent clinical, methodical and physical based
practices of Western Nations.

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