The History Of Touch For Health New Zealand

In the late 1960s, Californian chiropractor John Thie, a member of the pioneering team of Applied Kinesiologists, had a vision – to make some of the health-enhancing techniques that they were developing available to the non-professional public .

With the permission of team leader George Goodheart, and with the assistance of his wife Carrie, Dr. Thie embarked on making his dream a reality.

Touch For Health by John ThieIn the early 1970s, Dr Thie completed the first edition of the Touch for Health manual based on Traditional Chinese Medicine using principles of acupressure, nutrition and Tibetan Energy. Muscle Testing assessed stress responses from the structural, chemical and emotional areas.


The term ‘kinesiology’, sometimes described as the science of human movement, took on the meaning of the science of muscle testing with the focus on the balancing the potential of the person.

Dr John Thie decided to make practical and effective methods of balancing the body’s energy available to the non professional public. At the time, the International College of Applied Kinesiology under George Goodheart’s leadership, had already developed a system of healing called Applied Kinesiology (AK), specifically for professional health care practitioners.

Dr Thie realized the merit in taking from AK some of the more basic techniques without the deep theoretical component, and teaching them to people from all walks of life. His aim was to empower people to promote and maintain health in themselves and their families. John aptly named this simple yet powerful prevention system of health care “Touch for Health”.

Since that time, literally millions of people on a global basis have benefited from Touch for Health and from the many professionally focused forms of Specialised Kinesiology that has developed.

John ThieAbout John Thie

John Thie is celebrated around the world as the founder of Touch for Health. He was a remarkable man. In the early 1970s he and his wife Carrie created a synthesis that allowed anyone to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.

Touch for Health is the oldest and best known of all kinesiologies, both professional and non-professional. Millions of people in over 104 countries have experienced specialised kinesiology either directly through the Touch for Health synthesis or through a form of kinesiology developed from it.

During the 30th conference of TFH Kinesiology Association in the USA, there was a coming together of many of the founders and innovators of kinesiology from around the world. Drs John Thie, Sheldon Deal, Richard Utt, Charles Crebs, George Goodheart, Walter Schmidt, Bruce Dewe and Paul Dennison formed a discussion panel which drew a standing ovation from the crowd when they pledged to work together in the future rather than going their own ways as has been the practice in the last 40 years.

Dr Thie’s work of spreading the word of hope and health has resulted in Touch for Health being one of the most widely spread kinesiologies in the world. He has inspired many in the world to explore and discover other specialised kinesiologies.

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