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What Is Touch For Health Kinesiology?

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A system of natural health care which

  • Improves your life energy
  • Enhances your learning ability.
  • Relieves pain and stress.
  • Helps you discover your own unique nutritional needs.
  • Includes a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques, to improve health well being and vitality.
  • Uses the tool of muscle monitoring/testing to determine energy imbalances in the body.

Raising energy through the acupuncture meridian system allows the client to feel positive health benefits.

Touch for Health Kinesiology encourages the natural processes of the body to enhance health and vitality.

Touch For Health Training

We offer courses and training in Touch For Health Kinesiology.
Six levels of learning, proficiency assessments, instructor training and more.

Touch For Health: founded by John Thie

John Thie is celebrated around the world as the founder of Touch for Health. He was a remarkable man. In the early 1970s he and his wife Carrie created a synthesis that allowed anyone to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.

More About John Thie

Touch For Health Kinesiology New Zealand

Touch for Health was introduced to New Zealand in the late 1970s by Dr Bruce Dewe.