Touch for Health Career Pathway

Touch for Health Consultant: 365 hours

IKC Certified TFH Consultant

Total training 365 hrs

Touch For Health Kinesiology levels 1-4  Basic Training 64 hrs details >>

TFH Workbook Levels 1-4 60 hrs

TFH Proficiency Assessment 16 hrs details >>

TFH Consultant and Instructor Training Workshop 64 hrs, registered with IKC details >>

TFH Metaphors 16 hrs details >>

Mentoring Personal Intensive Training 2 hrs details >>

Communication Skills 50hrs required
     – Client Relationships
Correspondence course50 hrs details >>
     – Colour for Life 50 hrs
     – Other Prior leaning in Communication skills 50hrs

Anatomy and Physiology Level 4 NZQA 50 hrs Prior Learning accepted details >>

First Aid 16hrs


Practical TFHK Experience

7 Supervised Balances 7 hrs

3 Case Studies (6 hours each) 18hrs details >>

Final assessment 2 hrs

Industry Insurance is necessary for TFH Consultants and Instructors when working with the public.
Full insurance is provided to all Student and Practitioner members of Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand (NHPNZ).

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