Touch for Health Proficiency


Two day review program (16 hours)

Program including assessments:

  • 42 muscle balance (practical)

  • 45 minute multiple choice (written)

Prerequisites for attending Proficiency Assessment are:

  • Touch For Health Kinesiology Levels 1-4

  • Workbooks Levels 1 – 4

Touch for Health Proficiency Course Content

This 2-day Kinesiology course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate proficiency, and be evaluated for competency using Touch For Health Kinesiology energy healing techniques – in accordance with Touch For Health Kinesiology standard requirements for practice.


  • Revise content material from Touch for Health Kinesiology levels 1 – 4.
    Please indicate which areas you wish to review.
  • Demonstrate competence in performing a basic 14 muscle using kinesiology energy healing techniques (both standing and lying).
  • Complete a practical examination to assess competence in performing a 42 muscle / 5 element balance, identifying a goal, emotion. Open Book examination.
    Students will be required to perform the Touch for Health balance on clients brought in for the day by the Assessors. It is recommended students bring their 42-muscle sheet with diagrams and page references as well as their textbooks to assist them.
  • Complete a written examination – 45-minute written multiple-choice assessment on the content of Touch For Health Kinesiology Levels 1 – 4. Open Book examination, which will be marked in the presence of each student.

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