Touch for Health Case Studies

Case studies are required by the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association for the following qualifications which require 616 hours training:

  1. Touch for Health Consultant IKC – International Kinesiology College
  2. Energy Kinesiology Practitioner KANZ – Kinesiology Association of New Zealand
  3. Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner NHPNZ – Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand


  • Ten case studies (a total of 30 balances) are required. These are to be submitted to and marked by TFH Assessors, please contact TFH Secretary at
  • A case study will normally, though not necessarily, follow a client through a series of balances, recording initial history, and any changes made by the client during the series of balances.
  • A minimum of three balances per case study is suggested, though some may require fewer and some more.
  • Use initials only to identify clients, not names. Be sure that you have your client’s permission to use details of their balances in a case study.
  • On completion of your first case study please send it for marking to check that you are fulfilling the requirements.

Information for Case Studies

1. The clients background information

2. The use of this information

3.  Goals and desired outcomes

4. Pre-tests used to evaluate the goals

5. Pre and post balance evaluation

6. Client’s awareness of change – Client shifts/insights – how was this used

7. Time between sessions





8. Practitioner observations and insights for each session

9. Patterns emerging through the session/s, how was this awareness used

10. What was learned from the sessions – client and self

11. Home reinforcement

12. Why include this as a case study

13.How long client changes lasted

14. Any patterns emerging over a series of clients



Marking of Case Studies

To purchase Case Study marking go to the Touch for Health Web Store.

Please indicate number of Case Studies  3  or   7  or  10 



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