TFH Metaphors Training Workshop

TFH Goal Setting & Metaphor Training Certification 

Taught by IKC Faculty

Certified TFH Instructors and many avid students of TFH attend this course to deepen their knowledge of TFH, Effective Communication & Dialogue for Goal Setting, and exploring Metaphors to deepen self-knowledge and effectiveness of TFH balancing, and receive a Certificate of Proficiency in TFH Goal-Setting and Metaphor.

Only Certified TFH Instructors who have taken the Metaphor Training Workshop may ​receive an IKC Instructor Certificate for Goal-Setting & Metaphors. This allows them to​ teach the TFH Goal-Setting & Metaphors Workshop and provide the official International Kinesiology College certificate.

The Workshop provides additional opportunities for exploration of the Metaphors of Muscles, Meridians and Five Elements, Review of In-Depth Goal-setting according to John Thie, observation & analysis of demonstration sessions, and practice, observation, and feedback in small peer groups.

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