Tessa Grigg

PO Box 31 044
Ilam, Christchurch

phone 03 358 2288 / 027 477 4825

More information about Tessa Grigg

Tessa has a background in teaching, making music (Tessarose Productions) and a specialist focus in sensory motor education.

Alongside her educational career, Tessa has had Touch For Health Kinesiology as an additional tool to help children and adults develop skills to enhance their life experience.

Tessa began teaching Touch For Health in 2010 and is excited about passing on her experience to others. She also qualified as a Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) practitioner in 2016. In 2016 she completed a Master’s in Education with a thesis looking at the experiences of parents who had used RMT with their children and she is currently working towards a PhD where the efficacy of RMT is being investigated.

Areas of Expertise

M Ed, Tch Cert ECE and Tch Cert Primary
Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner – Touch For Health Kinesiology. TFH Instructors Certificate.
Kinergetics level 1 – 8, Professional Kinesiology Practice Level 1
Dyslexia Training, Holland 2008
President Kinesiology Association of New Zealand (KANZ)
Registered Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) practitioner 2016

Tessa has taught both adults and children for just over 30 years, in New Zealand and overseas. She produced the ‘Brain Gym’ CD which is used internationally in classrooms and homes to help establish the PACE routine. She has completed some music that aids the teaching of muscles and meridians in the Touch For Health syllabus.
Tessa has been balancing people for over 25 years. She lives in Christchurch with her husband and son.

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