Sally Goldsworthy

184 Isaac Road
Eyrewell Forest, Rangiora
RD6, Canterbury
phone 021 268 2821 /

Sally Goldsworthy is a NZ Registered Kinesiologist who has been working in the fields of Education and Complementary Medicine for 25 years.

Once a Primary School Teacher she is aware of the learning challenges children and adults experience both in the learning environment and in life and has amassed a wide range of skills to help people explore and detect issues that are affecting their lives.

Using Kinesiology she is able to find techniques that will help correct the perceived difficulties and to encourage people to take responsibility for their on-going progress towards achieving a more positive, hopeful and satisfying situation on track to becoming the person they wish to be.

Sally is a Touch for Health and Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) Consultant and Practitioner working one on one with clients in her clinic, and is also an Instructor facilitating workshops and seminars for TFH Kinesiology and Brain Gym . She is a passionate speaker and available for talks to schools, parents, and other groups sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for dealing with stress and anxiety and discovering life and learning to be an exciting adventure.

Sally has also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, Kinergetics ( and RESET) , Neuro Organisational Technique, Rhythmic Movement Training, EFT, One Brain, Chiron and Aura-Soma and is an on-going student keen to discover new, safe, and simple methods people can benefit from for their health and in their ability to learn and perform at work, in sport, and in academic and creative pursuits.

Touch for Health is the most amazing system of health care, easy to learn and beneficial to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. You, your family, friends and clients will all benefit.

Brain Gym, also a world wide system, while improving brain function, enhances co-ordination, confidence and self esteem. The 26 Brain Gym movements are fun and easy to do preparing the brain and entire nervous system for optimal performance in all endeavours.

Sally is also a NES Health Practitioner (check ). NES Health is a safe and comprehensive program with a revolutionary approach to evaluating and promoting wellness.

Areas of Expertise

NZ Trained Primary Teacher
NZ Registered Kinesiologist

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