Mala Mayo

44 Renata Crescent
Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland 0610
phone 09 834 3385

Mala has been involved with movement and natural therapies for over forty years. Teaching creative movement and dance for 15years led on to the exploration of and training in many modalities of therapy and bodywork.

This love of assisting people to find freedom of movement and expression is a core thread of her work as a Kinesiologist. This sometimes means working with children or adults with learning or co-ordination difficulties, assisting people to deal with stress or pain, helping negotiate life stage transitions, clarifying goals, and developing and strengthening strategies and neural networks to enhance learning and performance.

In a kinesiology session Mala works together with you, to find out through muscle testing, observation and dialogue, the ways in which your goals and process are being undermined by stress, whether this be due to structural, emotional, or nutritional imbalances. She draws on a variety of techniques to ease the stress, restore balance, develop strength, flexibility and maturity, and to open up more possibilities and strategies for achieving your goals. “By tuning into the body’s wisdom we assist your own self healing abilities to be restored and strengthened.”

As well as working in her clinic and teaching Kinesiology, Mala has a keen interest in photography and a love of image, metaphor, light, shade and colour. She has also discovered a love of singing and the voice and enjoys using her kinesiology skills to enhance vocal freedom.

Mala has a clinic in Te Atatu and also teaches classes and workshops. Apart from those advertised, other classes, workshops, and dates can sometimes be arranged to suit the needs of particular groups. Please enquire.

Areas of Expertise

Classes offered

Touch for Health Kinesiology Levels 1 – 4 Each Level is 16hrs

TMJ RESET 1 A simple non invasive system of relaxing jaw muscles enabling the Temporomandibular Joint to reset. Balance the jaw – balance the body 3hrs

Introduction to Brain Gym® 8hrs

Brain Gym 101 32hrs

Ongoing practice sessions and mentoring (after TFHK and BG101classes) are offered to assist students to become proficient and confident. All classes are suitable for self help and wellbeing, to use with family and friends, or can lead on to further study and gaining professional qualifications.

Mala’s Training Includes

  • Reg. Touch For Health Kinesiology Instructor
  • Reg. Educational Kinesiologist
  • Reg. Brain Gym® Instructor
  • Kinergetics
  • TMJ RESET 1 Practitioner and Tutor

Member of

  • TFH Kinesiology Assn. of NZ
  • Edu-K Network of NZ
  • KANZ (Kinesiology Assn of NZ)

Other Training Includes

  • Wellness Kinesiology
  • Childhood Reflexes and their effect on Learning and Behaviour
  • Rhythmic Movement Training

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