Louise Stevens

Zestnlife Clinic
Glenfield, Auckland

09 444 7247

Louise loves to help people puts Zest into their Lives.

She is internationally trained as a Laughter Leader and qualified Kinesiologist. Louise uses Kinesiology to tap into the body computer, to find and correct any energy imbalances that maybe the reason for tiredness, stress or depression. The techniques can help people achieve their goals. Louise also helps those who find laughing difficult to find their inner joy.

Louise is passionate about sharing the simple healing techniques so everyone is able to maintain their own and their family’s health. She runs fun classes regularly in Glenfield Auckland to spread the knowledge.

Louise loves going to corporate events to run Laughter sessions. These can be great icebreakers at the beginning of the day or a way of learning how to cope with stress while doing some gentle exercise involving laughing. Not only educational but also some fun and movement.

Louise has been involved with Kinesiology for nearly 30 years and the courses she teaches lead on to being an internationally recognised Touch for Health Kinesiologist and to being a Registered NZ Natural Health Practitioner.

Louise is a Registered NZ Natural Health Practitioner in Energy Kinesiology, KANZ Registered Kinesiologist and Certificated Laughter Leader Trainer from the Laughter Yoga University.

Louise at Zestnlife has many qualifications, the ones she likes to use most are • Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner and Instructor • Laughter Leader and Instructor • Body Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy • Kinergetics including TMJ RESET practitioner and teacher • Wellness Kinesiology practitioner • 3 in 1 Concepts Practitioner.

Areas of Expertise


For 30 years, this has been a constant in helping people help themselves. Specialising in postural corrections, stress, depression and emotional issues but also working with other aspects that come up in a balance. As well as having a clinic, Louise teaches Touch for Health Kinesiology, TMJ RESET and Laughter Yoga.

Body Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapies

The body posture shows a lot about the mind-set and by altering the posture it is possible to help people to improve their emotional state. It takes into account the language used as well as the direction in life. This is very effective when used in conjunction with Kinesiology.

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is also called internal jogging. Laughter with movement increases the body’s oxygen supply to improve breathing and converts stress hormones into happy endorphins. Many people find laughing difficult because of sad happenings in their life, stress or just being too busy to take time to enjoy themselves. Laughing for no reason, which comes with inner joy, is a learnable technique which aids recovery from an illness or depression or just a chance to have some fun.

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