Charlene Sinclair-Morgan

218 Cannon Hill Cres
Mt Pleasant
Christchurch 8081
03 384 5144 / 022 098 7801

Hi, I am Charlene and this is my 2 year old horse Merlin. I am a Kinesiology Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Healer, and Accountant.

Horses and Healing have played a very big part in my life. My first pony was both my friend and my soul mate, and he was there to support me through my early teenage years. In my early 20’s I began my healing journey, after a long interest in natural health and the knowing that there was a better way to healing the body and soul.

Accountancy was my chosen profession, as working with numbers was very easy for me, and as I have found out, very important to keep me grounded. The exploration of numbers and numerology, led me onto Crystal and Spiritual Healing, Colour Therapy and then Kinesiology.

The Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing have literally saved my life and together with Kinesiology, I have managed to reach a whole new level of understanding the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies.

The greatest gift that I have ever received, other than Merlin and my husband Tony coming into my life, is the meeting of Catherine North – the founder of the Academy of Healing Arts and Soul Power Kinesiology.

Catherine has taught me so much over the years, more than either of us could comprehend, and she has had the dedication to bring together the most powerful of healing modalities – Soul Power Kinesiology. For many years I have had the dream of working both with horses and people. This dream is rapidly manifesting into consciousness starting from Monday 25th November 2013. Merlin has been the trigger to this opening – I guess I didn’t call him Merlin for nothing!

Areas of Expertise

Bringing Balance to Your Life with

  • Touch for Health Kinesiology
  • Soul Power Kinesiology
  • Neural Organisation Technique—NOT
  • Unicorn Essence Colour Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sacred Geometry – Dodecadiamond Structure
  • Chiron Healing
  • Horse and Rider/Owner/Family Integrated Healings and Retreats



  • Touch for Health Kinesiology
  • Soul Power Kinesiology
  • Colour for Life – Colour Therapy
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