Catherine North

New Zealand Touch for Health Faculty
International Kinesiology College
Principal Academy of Healing Arts
Auckland Region
09 372 4166

 Catherine North is New Zealand Touch for Health Faculty of the International Kinesiology College and as such is responsible for Touch for Health Training in New Zealand, training and updating Instructors and ensuring the standards meet the International requirements. 

Catherine is Principal Teacher and a Director of the Academy of Healing Arts,  training Consultants and Teachers in Touch for Health, Soul Power Kinesiology and Colour for Life.

Catherine’s passion is to teach basic healing techniques that people can use on themselves, their friends and families, and to take her students from beginner level through to becoming practitioners and teachers in their own right.

Over the last 30 years Catherine has taught Kinesiology and Colour Therapy to students who are gaining the much sought-after qualifications of  Instructor and Consultant in:

  • Touch for Health
  • Soul Power Kinesiology
  • Colour for Life

Catherine established the Academy of Healing Arts, (formerly Golden Hill School of Healing Arts) in 2002, which now has qualified Consultants and Teachers around New Zealand.

Areas of Expertise

NZ Touch for Health Faculty of International Kinesiology College IKC
Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner NHPNZ
Certified Energy Kinesiologist KANZ
Principal of the Academy of Healing Arts


Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner, Instructor and NZ Faculty

Kinesiology, the science of muscle testing, identifies energy imbalances in the body organs, acupuncture meridians, emotions and nutrition.  Experience vitality and emotional well-being with Touch for Health Kinesiology.
Catherine teaches:
Touch for Health Kinesiology Level 1-4  courses
Touch for Health Proficiency Assessment
Touch for Health Training Workshop  (TFH Instructor qualification)
Touch for Health Instructor Continuing Education


Colour for Life Consultant and Teacher

Colour for Life is a gentle and powerful Colour Therapy using Unicorn 100% natural herbal and gem Essences to help you discover and align to your purpose in life, helping you to handle stresses in your life, and remain in an harmonious state.
Catherine teaches:
Colour for Life Level 1-3 courses
Colour for Life Consultant and Teacher Training


Soul Power Kinesiology Consultant and Teacher

Soul Power combines the science of Kinesiology with the power of Energy Healing and the gentle vibrational healing of Colour Therapy to balance and harmonise the physical body, the mind and emotions, as well as the spirit, treating all levels of our being.
Touch the power of your soul  and connect to your spiritual knowing  and guidance.
Catherine teaches:
Soul Power Kinesiology Level 1-6 courses
Soul Power Kinesiology Consultant and Teacher Training

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