Barbara Wards

152 Paremata Rd
mobile 022 633 4889

I have had an interest in learning challenges, stress and neurological development since my teaching days. Kinesiology found me 1984 and opened the door to years of study and courses on reflex integration/movement development/sensory development… how to assist people to “get themselves unstuck”, allowing them to move on, whatever the cause, their age or context.

Areas of Expertise

TFH Instructor since 1989

Educational Kinesiology International Faculty since 1992

Home kinesiology clinic since 1984

Author of “From the Neck Up,” a three day workshop using TFH surrogate muscles to maximise movement (therefore function) of the 100+ muscles of eyes, middle ear, TMJ, Face, Tongue, Upper and Lower Neck, Hyoid and Soft Palate, Larynx and Pharynx—TFH embedded in a rich Edu-K framework. “From the Neck Down” has also begun—“Breath of Life” addresses Respiratory power in the same framework.

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