Touch for Health Career Pathway

Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner: 616 hours

Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner

Total training 616 hrs

Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner
Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner  (NHPNZ)

Completed Certified Touch for Health Consultant training 382 hours details >>

TFH Metaphors Training Workshop 16hrs details >>

Professional Practice Management for Kinesiologists (correspondence) 50 hrs details >>Prior Learning Accepted

Nutritional Testing 16hrs  details >>     Other Nutritional Training is accepted 16 hrs     Please contact

Allergies & Sensitivities 16hrs  details >>      Other Nutritional Training is accepted 16 hrs    Please contact

Anatomy and Physiology 50hrs details >>  Prior Learning accepted

40 Unsupervised Balances 40 hrs details >>

7 Case Studies (6hrs each) 42 hrs details >>

TFH Mentoring Personal Intensive Training; specifically designed for TFH Kinesiology (prior learning is accepted) 2 hrs details >>

Final Assessment by IKC Professional Kinesiologist 2 hrs

Industry Insurance is recommended for TFH Consultants and Registered TFH  Kinesiology Practitioners when working with the public.
Insurance is provided by Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand (NHPNZ) .

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