Touch for Health Career Pathway

Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner: 620 hours

Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner

Total training 620 hrs

Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner TFHKA
Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner in TFH NHPNZ
Certified Kinesiologist KANZ

Completed Certified Touch for Health Consultant training 365 hours details >>

TFH Metaphors Training Workshop 16hrs details >>

Professional Practice Management for Kinesiologists (correspondence) 50 hrs details >>Prior Learning Accepted

Nutritional Testing 16hrs  details >>     Other Nutritional Training is accepted 16 hrs     Please contact

Allergies & Sensitivities 16hrs  details >>      Other Nutritional Training is accepted 16 hrs    Please contact

Anatomy and Physiology 70hrs details >>  Prior Learning accepted

Other Kinesiology total 20 hours
Teach two Touch For Health Kinesiology classes = 20 hrs
OR Attend any TFHK Assn, IKC, AKA approved course for 20 hrs
      e.g. Edu-K, Kinergetics, NLK, Soul Power Kinesiology, One Brain, Wellness Kinesiology, etc

Practical Touch For Health Experience

3 Supervised Balances 3 hrs

40 Unsupervised Balances 40 hrs

7 Case Studies (6hrs each) 42 hrs details >>

Mentoring Personal Intensive Training 2 hrs details >>

Industry Insurance is recommended for TFH Consultants and Instructors when working with the public.
Insurance is provided to all Student and Practitioner members of Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand (NHPNZ) .

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