Diane Rosenberg

Diane Rosenberg

7 Merriman place
Pyes Pa
Tauranga 3112

Phone (07) 578-6113 or 021-172-4624

Diane is a Touch for Health Instructor and Registered Natural Health Practitioner. She is a Certified Kinesiologist and intuitive energy healer with over twenty years experience in this field. In her clinic she also works with essences, crystals, colour and nutrition.

Touch for health is an interesting and natural system used to identify stress in the body and the preferred corrections needed to recover from injuries or maintain the natural healing ability the body has.

Sometimes the body prefers a structural correction, emotional or nutritional balance. It is effective, safe and often immediate…..

“I enjoy teaching many forms of Kinesiology……in my workshops students learn practical techniques and information that can be used to help clients, family and friends.” We work on many levels of awareness with Kinesiology and I encourage my students to become proficient and skilled at muscle testing and the balancing techniques available to them.

You can learn Touch for Health to start your qualifications as a Kinesiology professional or add the skills learnt in the workshops to your existing clinic work.

Areas of Expertise

Registered Natural Health Practitioner – NHPNZ
Touch for Health Consultant / Instructor – IKC
Soul Power Consultant / Instructor – AHA
Colour for Life Consultant / Instructor – AHA
Certified Kinesiologist – KANZ
Nutritional/Allergy Instructor – Biokinesiology College

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